The AFL Germany mourns about the recent passing of one of our athletes, national team player and close friend Janine Benecke. Janine had to leave us far to early when she passed away during the night of the 05.01.2020 during a tragic traffic incident near the border of south Tirol between Austria and Italy that has cost 7 innocent young adults their lives.

if you look at the sky at night you will feel like all the stars are laughing because I live on one of them because I laugh on one of them.

The board of AFL Germany would like to express their deep condolences to the family of Janine, and we wish them the strength to go through this difficult time. We are a family and we will always support her family and friends when needed.

Janine played Australian rules football with a deep passion. With her young age she had become a very talented athlete and therefore she became a regular player in the German Eagles Women national team.

Every time that Janine made a step onto the playing ground she played with her body and soul and she became a role model for our young male and female athletes.

We really appreciated her as a person and as an athlete. We hope that her soul will now rest in peace and that she will keep the playing ground ready for us in the sky when the time will come, and we are going to join her.

Every time that we will make a step onto the playing ground, she will be besides us and she will look down on us whilst keeping her hands wide open over our heads.

People step into our lives and accompany us for a while, some stay forever because they leave their mark in our hearts.

We will miss your smile and your true happiness but we will never forget you and you will stay forever in our hearts.